2012 "Drop It Like It's Hot"

Creator: colson
Start: Jan 8th 2012
Weeks: 12
Price: $20.00

First, nobody will ever see your actual weight on this program (besides you of course). They will simply see the % of gain or loss for each week. The Weight Loss Challenge will be based on a percentage of weight lost over a 12 week period of time. This allows it to be more even between those who have more weight to lose versus those who have less weight to lose. The entry fee for the competition will be $20 per person. There will be a cash prize paid to the winner of each week based on the largest percentage of weight loss for that week. At the end of 12 weeks the person with the biggest percentage of weight loss overall will receive the remaining amount of money. The weekly prize amount will be determined by the # of participants as ½ of the collected cash will be used for weekly prizes and the other ½ will be the prize for the overall winner. (ie: 24 people participate - $20 goes to the winner of each week ($240 total) which would leave another $240 to the winner overall) •You are to weigh in every Sunday for 12 weeks and post your weight on the website. •Over the course of the competition, you are only allowed to miss 2 weigh-ins. If you miss more than two you are disqualified. •You cannot win a week in which you did not weigh in the prior week. •You may not use diet pills, surgeries or other extreme measures to lose weight. •$20 contribution needs to be given to me by January 6th to participate.