Skinny Chicken Weight Loss Challenge

Creator: jkipfer
Start: Jan 8th 2012
Weeks: 21
Price: $50.00

Hey Gang,

Consider this your wake-up call. We've had it too easy for too long--kicking back in front of the TV, getting McFat. Well it's time to get back in shape and take control. Are you up for a weight loss challenge?

I'm not talking about some starvation, packaged-meal program where we have to eat like birds. I'm talking about a challenge for cash: everyone puts money into the pot, and the one who's lost the most weight at the end walks away with nice chunk of change. No fancy plans, no crazy meals, just a good old-fashioned competition.

You see I found this Web site that's the perfect arena for our challenge. It's called and it's designed specifically for people who can turn that competitive edge into results. They have interactive charts and tables that let you follow every step of your progress, as well as other tools that will make this challenge fun!

So here's our chance to step it up and take it to the next level. Time to lose those pounds, make a few bucks, and have fun doing it. Are you ready for the challenge? Are you ready for WeightLossWars? Take charge and log in today, and discover just how much fun losing weight can be.

I have personally set up a website with some other details about the challenge including a blog and you can access it at

Hope you see you in the competition!

Jason Kipfer