2014 "Waist Management"

Creator: colson
Start: Jan 5th 2014
Weeks: 12
Price: $40.00

Competition Rules

  • You are to weigh in every Sunday for 12 weeks and post your weight on the website.
  • Over the course of the competition, you are only allowed to miss 2 weigh-ins. If you miss more than two you are disqualified.
  • Each week the person with the largest percentage of weight loss will get a cash incentive

*       You cannot win a week in which you did not weigh in the week prior or if  you gained weight in the prior week.

·        You must lose weight in a healthy manner, no extreme measures to lose weight. 

  • The remaining dollars will be paid out to the individual with the biggest percent of weight loss after 12 weeks.
  • $40 contribution needs to be given to me by January 5th to participate