Weight and Body Fat Loss Competition

Creator: Johnal
Start: Jun 1st 2014
Weeks: 13
Price: $50.00


June 1st, 2014 – August 30th, 2014 (90 Days)


Buy In

$50 Per Person due June 8th, 2014

Cash, Paypal, or Google Wallet  (send to: johnal.leifsson@gmail.com)


Initial Weigh In Location Date and Time

Sunday, June 1st - 7:00PM PST

8139 E Star Pine Rd.

Orange, CA 92869


Categories and Prizes

Early Bird: Greatest Overall Weight Loss in Percent by July 15th: 10%

Greatest Overall Weight Loss by Percent: 40%

Greatest Percentage of Body Fat Dropped: 40%

Men’s / Women’s Endurance Challenge: 5% / 5%

Most pounds lost: $50


Details and Rules:

The splitting of the prize money is to encourage all participants to actively exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle from start to finish without feeling as though extreme measures will be necessary to win. Whether you choose to lose weight or gain (muscle) weight, you can still win money! However, there is no reason that any one person couldn’t walk away with 95% of the available prize money collected. 


Cost to Participate:

All participants will need to have submitted their buy-in money to Johnal Leifsson by June 8th, 2014. Forms of payment accepted are Cash, PayPal, or Google Wallet money transfers.  Please contact me directly with any questions or concerns regarding payments.


Weigh-Ins and Measurements:

Accuracy and consistency are key to a fun and fair competition. We will use the same equipment for both the first and last weigh-in/measurements. During each person’s initial weigh in, contestants will only be permitted to wear their underwear, a shirt, and a pair of shorts. I will provide the scale and skin fold calipers during initial and final weigh-ins as these devices will have the final say in determining weight and body fat percentages. The skin fold calipers were determined to be the most affordable and consistently accurate means by which we can measure body fat percentage. Measurements from electronic body fat scales and dedicated devices can vary dramatically depending on a number of variables. To minimize inaccurate readings, we will be using spring-loaded skin fold calipers that should apply the same amount of pressure from person to person. 


If you have no intention of making a claim to the Body Fat Percentage prize, you do not have to have your body fat measurements taken. This does not, however, change the price to partake in the competition. Heather McDonald or Johnal Leifsson will be conducting the body fat measurements. 


Tracking Your Weight

Weekly progress reports on the thintopia.com website are mandatory. Please register at www.thintopia.com and create a profile for yourself.  The competition page is located at the following link: http://thintopia.com/competitions/view/3587. If your user name does not identify you in an obvious manner, please email me and let me know your chosen user name. I will do my best to send out reminders to those who have not checked in and posted their weigh-ins on a weekly basis, however it is your responsibility to do so. If a contestant fails to check in for 4 weeks in a row, he/she will be dropped from the competition and no refund will be given. Extenuating circumstances may override this rule and are at the discretion of the majority.


Endurance Challenge

The details surrounding this prize is a work in progress. Initially, the idea was to have a prize for the man and woman who could do the most push-ups, pull-ups, and/or sit-ups in a ten minute span. Further tweaking to this challenge is needed and details will be posted by July 15th. If a fair set of rules cannot be determined by this time, the prize money will be redistributed evenly to the weight loss and body fat loss prizes.


Most Pounds Lost Prize (Not as a percent)

There is a last minute prize category that will be based strictly on pounds lost, not as a percentage of pounds lost. The prize is essentially the return of a contestant's $50 entry fee and is not based on the amount in the prize pool. The caveat, however, is that this prize is only available to the person who has lost the most pounds and did not win a prize in any of the other categories. The idea is to still reward someone who may have lost a massive amount of weight, but doesn't win any other prizes that are being determined by percentage of weight/body fat lost. If the addition of this prize category is a serious problem for the majority of contestants who have already paid, and I receive notice from said contestants, I will remove this prize category as it is a change that went into effect after the initial email.


Additional Information:

In a situation where an individual has expressed an interest to participate but is unable to make it to the initial weigh in, June 8th will be the last day to sign up and have their measurements taken. Late entries do not receive an extension for final weigh in and the cost to participate is the same. Please contact me to make arrangements.


Friends of friends and coworkers are more than welcome to participate. An interested participant who is located out of state may be required to have their initial and final weigh-in taken at a doctor's office with the same scale, and have a form signed by the nurse or doctor verifying the measurements. Video of the weigh ins will be required. Additionally, you will need to purchase your own skin fold calipers (specifically http://amzn.com/B0000AN3UB). Your final weigh in will be required to be taken between August 28th and August 30th.


We have an early bird prize that will be based on user submitted weigh-in. To participate in this prize offering, you must submit your weight directly to me on July 15th. I will do my best to send out a reminder the day before but it is your responsibility to remember to do so. If there is a tie, we will arrange for an official weigh in between those involved, or they have the option to simply split the winnings.


August 30th is the last day for the official weigh in and it will most likely need to take place rather early in the morning. Due to the nature of trying to have 18 people arrange their schedule in unison, final weigh ins can be taken as early as the evening of the 28th but no later than the 30th. Unless there is some sort of obvious discrepancy, you will only get one final weigh in -- you cannot do your official weigh in on the 28th, be dissatisfied, and then try again on the 29th.


¬ŹFemale contestants who become pregnant and submit a request before July 15th will be entitled to a full refund of their entry dues. Pregnancy refund requests received between July 15th - August 30th will receive half their entry dues.


Any discrepancies will be handled with a majority vote - if a consensus cannot be made regarding a particular prize, it will be redistributed back to the participants.


Last Edited: 6/1/14 Clarified ruling on weight loss prizes being awarded by greatest drop in weight as a percentage when compared to a contestant's original weight.


6/3/14 - Added $50 prize for most pounds lost, pregnancy notes, and early bird specifics