2015 Get Fit Challenge

Creator: motivated40
Start: Jan 3rd 2015
Weeks: 9
Price: $25.00

We hope you'll join us in kicking off 2015 in a positive and healthy way. This 60-day competition begins January 5, 2015 and ends March 7, 2015. Each member will contribute $25 to the pot (as well as the $10 fee the website charges for your seat). The more people that join, the bigger the pot! We will be basing this competition on weight loss percentage vs. total weight loss total in an effort to level the playing field. 

Prize Distribution 

There will be a total of three winners. The prizes will be distributed as follows: 
• 1st place: 70% of the total prize “pot” 
• 2nd place: 20% of the total prize “pot” 
• 3rd place: 10% of the total prize “pot” 

How it Works 

You may weigh in any day of the week that works best for you, but you must weigh in every calendar week (Mon-Sun). EXCEPTIONS: Your FIRST weigh must be on the date you join. Your last weigh in MUST be on in Saturday, March 7, 2015 by 11:59pm Pacific. You may miss one (1) weigh in, but you cannot miss your first weigh-in or the last. Any additional missed weigh-ins will disqualify you. 

A weigh in is a picture of your feet on the scale. The picture should be posted in your Weight Loss Wars journal. A new word will be posted on Sunday night each week. The weekly word must be written on paper with the date and placed next to the scale in each weigh in photo. All scales must be digital and read in pounds. Be sure to also update your stats so we can track the progress we are making. 

Please email me at motivated40@yahoo.com if you have any issues posting your weigh in on the Weight Loss Wars site. 

How to Join & Pay 

When you join, the website will charge a $10 fee for your seat in the competition. You will need to pay this fee by credit card directly to Weight Loss Wars. 

Once this is done, you will need to pay your $25 contribution toward the prize pot. Please send your prize contribution via PayPal to motivated40@yahoo.com. Sorry, no refunds once payment has been made. Be sure to mark the box “Monies Owed” on the payment screen so no fees are removed. 

The money will remain in this account and distributed to the winners the day after the competition ends. Be sure to add motivated40 to your friends so I can see your journal entries each week. 

Looking forward to motivating each other!! 

Word to be posted with your weigh in picture: 

Week 1: Commit 
Week 2: Inspire 
Week 3: Strength 
Week 4: Goal 
Week 5: 
Week 6: 
Week 7: 
Week 8: 
Week 9: