T-Town Loser

Creator: Lucia
Start: Apr 13th 2015
Weeks: 15
Price: $100.00


Our Biggest Loser Weight-Loss Competition Rules


 1.    The weight loss competition runs for 12 weeks, beginning April 13th

       ending July 6th.


2.   You should follow the diet and exercise program from The Biggest Loser book,

       however you may follow any plan of your choosing.


3.   You are entered in the competition as an individual.


4.   You may miss 3 weigh-ins and still qualify to win.


5.   The weigh-ins will take place between 5:00-7:00pm at the Art House Café …

       111   N Tacoma Ave. Possible AM times by appointment. At this time you will

       enter weight into Thintopia.com


6.   You will be able to track progress at www.Thintopia.com.


7.   The registration fee is $100.00 per person.

8.   Scoring is based on percentage of body weight lost per individual.


9. Consistent tracking helps you stay on track toward meeting your weight loss

     goal. If you have any questions email lisaperanzi@gmail.com or call/text +


The prizes: (aside from the joy of smaller clothes)

Prize structure and groupings will be sent out when we know how many

 participants we have. All proceeds are returned as prize money. Past prizes

 have been from $1100.00 to $2700.