Creator: dwoods41
Start: Apr 6th 2015
Weeks: 8
Price: $5.00

The goal is to have fun!  Loose your desired weight within 10 weeks!  Minimum weight loss goal required to participate is 20 pounds. Set a goal to loose "X" number of pounds within 10 weeks, and also set a gooa to loose "X" pounds each week.  The initial registration fee is $20.  If you do not meet your weekly weight loss goal, we will have to pay the weight loss pool $7.  Weigh in between 9 am and 7 pm on Mondays each week. The person who meets  their weight loss goal wins the final or total weigh loss pool amount.  If more than one person wins, the pool will be split based equally, or based on the percentage of weight lost as compared to the overall 10 week goal.

Weight Loss Competitors