Tanya's Weight Loss Challenge #25

Creator: kharisma
Start: Aug 18th
Weeks: 16
Price: $25.00

---- Starts: Friday, 8/18/2017 ---- Ends: Friday, 12/8/2017 (16 weeks) ---- Entry Fee: $25 ---- How you win: the winner will be the largest weight percentage lost by the end of the challenge*. ---- What you win: $25 times the number of people in the challenge (plus any missed weigh in fees). ---- Requirements: ------ Using weight loss supplements/appetite suppressants not allowed**. ------ You must weight yourself and weigh in on the challenge site every week***. -------- If you do not weigh in any given week, you will need to add $5 to the pool. -------- You are not allowed to drop out of the challenge at any time. If you do, you will need to pay missed weigh in fees for the remaining weeks. ------ If you ever have 3 or more consecutive weeks with a missed weigh in or you do not weigh in on the last day of the challenge (see above for date), you are not eligible to win. ------ You must sign up on http://www.thintopia.com/, join this challenge and weigh in on the first date of the challenge (see above for date) in order to be in the challenge. I'll try to remember to send a reminder email on the first day. NOTE: If for some reason there is a tie, the pot will be split by those who tied. * Percentage weight lost is figured by current weight lost divided by your original weight. This is the % that is listed on the challenge website. ** If you feel you should be able to use one of these, please let me know and we can ask the group if they should be allowed. I just want to keep this as fair for everyone as possible :) *** A week is considered to start on Saturday and end on Friday (so Friday is the last day of the week you can weigh in).