Loser Lane

Creator: jac2010
Start: Jan 9th 2010
Weeks: 51
Price: $0.00

Competing On: Weight loss percentage Description: Weigh yourself every Saturday morning. Progress must be posted to this site weekly in order to motivate each other. The contest will be broken out into 4 rounds: Biggest Easter Loser - (results posted Saturday before) Biggest Memorial Day Picnic Loser (results posted Saturday before) Biggest Labor Day Picnic Loser (results posted Saturday before) Biggest New Year Loser (results from that morning) Participants can join anytime, and stay for one or all rounds. Prizes The first time a person wins a round, all other participants give that person $5. If a different person wins the next round, they get $5 from everyone. If the SAME person wins again, the prize is increased $5 per participant. For example, if one person wins all four rounds, she'll get $5 the first round, $10 the second round, $15 the third round and $20 the fourth round from each of the other participants. Penalty Idea: If someone fails to post her info by each Monday, then she will be assessed a $1 penalty, to be given to the winner of the next round.