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Creator: RPeoples

Leaders, So a few of us have been talking about our desires to shed a few pounds over the next 90 days (yes, even through the holidays). The idea was tossed around that we wanted to have a contest starting 10/1 that ended 1/1. The goal would be to see who could shed the the highest % of pounds in 90 days.  NO ONE SHOULD FEEL FORCED TO PARTICIPATE. THIS CONTEST IS FOR FUN AND AN OPPORTUNITY FOR THOSE THAT WANT TO PARTICIPATE.  If you choose to participate here is how it will work: 10/1 - weigh in 11/1 - progress update 12/1 - First prize awarded for most progress (% of weight lost) 1/1 - Grand Prize awarded for winner  (highest % lost in entire contest). Again, you do not need to participate, and not participating will NOT be held against you or affect your standing at work. This is just for fun and for those that want the extra push (Me!).

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