You Better Shape Up

Creator: tbos

We all have goals of what we want our perfect body to be. Big buts, with small thighs. Big boobs, with flat tummies. The things I would give for a thigh gap!!!! But dieting and working out are tough. It's difficult to stay motivated. its difficult to eat healthy, its difficult not to go out every night and get drunk (I might be speaking for myself on that last one). The purpose of this group is to create a weight loss challenge that not only motivates us to reach our goals, but also provides a support group with a hint of competition. I want this to act as a community page where we can share new recipes, provide different ideas on how to stay active or even suggest alcohols with the least amount of calories (again might be speaking for myself on that last one...). While we my not all personally know each other, we all have on goal in mind: to be hot AF!!! I'm suggesting we put a wager on the line in order to stay motivated and hold ourselves accountable. Looking forward to seeing what this becomes!

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