Name: Naema
Age/Gender: 28, Female
Location: McAllen, TX
About Me: I am in school to get my masters in speech pathology. I love working with kids. I also love hanging with my friends and sleeping in!
Goals: To reach a health BMI and be smokin' hot at Ann and Jay's wedding!!
Favorite Activities: Zumba, yoga, swimming and riding bikes with my dad.
Weaknesses: Chocolate, doughnuts, being lazy and sitting on facebook for hours at a time...
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Jan 23rd 2011

Starting a new competition...this ones in the bag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jan 16th 2011

Getting started this week!! For sure!!!


Jan 9th 2011

Leaving Arlington this morning after spending almost 2 weeks here. I didn't really eat well or exercise since i've been here, so I will for sure get on it when I get back into the old routine!