Name: Amy
Age/Gender: 37, Female
Location: Peabody, MA
About Me:
Goals: Reach and maintain a weight between 135 and 140 lbs.
Favorite Activities: Running... running... running... and working out.
Weaknesses: Chocolate, ice cream, and anything else with sugar in it.
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New Goal

Oct 29th 2012

I think I finally found what I need to get my butt moving again.

I was watching Dancing With the Stars tonight (because honestly, I was bored to tears being indoors with this hurricane thing happening outside), and I just was in awe by Melissa Rycroft's abs.  I want them. 


I've been close, at my lowest, and I know that if I stick to a clean diet and get back to my exercise regime, then I can be there.  I just have to do it.


So, after scoffing down 10 chocolate chip cookies today (damn Algebra students won a bet and I promised them cookies) and feeling gross and disgusting all day... I've found my motivation and there's no stopping me now!

Poor Choices

Oct 28th 2012

It's common sense - poor choices = poor results, and that's where I am. 


When I decided that I would park my butt on the couch all week and feel sorry for myself because my hip hurt, I knew that was the wrong choice.  I could have gone for a walk, I could have hopped on an elliptical at the gym, I could have done so many things that would not have aggravated my hip.  I chose to fail.  Shame on me.


For me, sitting on the couch = stuffing my face full of food which is why I choose to stay active. 


No excuses for me, I know better, so watch out this week... I'm gonna have a good week!

A loss is a loss

Oct 22nd 2012

I found myself a little bummed out when I weighed in yesterday.  On Saturday morning when I weighed myself (because I have OCD and weigh myself all the time... which I don't recommend) I weighed 149.8.  Sunday morning I weighed 150.6.  Granted this isn't enough to put me in the top spot (you crazy animals!), but it bums me out that my weight fluxuated on the day of the weigh in!


I KNOW that weight fluctuates day to day, so I need to just suck it up and deal with it.  It is a loss after all.  My number is heading in the right direction.  That is a good thing.


I cannot let the frustration take over or things are going to start going downhill.  I need to focus on the positive (3.2 pounds is still a significant loss for one week), and have a good week this week.


I will have a good week this week!