Name: Beth
Age/Gender: 38, Female
Location: Colorado Springs, CO
About Me: I am a 33 year old mother and wife. I have 4 children ages 2 - 9 and I work full time from home. I have struggled to maintain a healthy weight for most of my adult life, and oh how I wish I had that teenage body that I was never satisfied with when I had it :)
Goals: I want to lose another 31 pounds. I have lost quite a bit over the last 2 years, but have never made it to my healthy goal weight. This is my year! I also want to develop healthy habits of exercise and eating.
Favorite Activities: I like to go on outdoor adventures with my husband and kids, go running, play games, crochet, read, cook, etc.
Weaknesses: The main weakness that continually prevents me from getting to my fitness goals is that I do not have good eating habits. I tend to eat foods that are not good for me, and if I'm not doing that, I still overeat.
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