Name: Chris
Age/Gender: 35, Male
Location: Halifax
About Me:
Goals: To feel good about myself again.
Favorite Activities: Snowboarding, wakeboarding, and running.
Weaknesses: Beer, chocolate and all kinds of sweets.
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Phase II- Reflections

May 17th 2011

Phase II is proving to be quite difficult for me to deal with. I spent about 2.5 months on a strict diet of running and lean meat, vegetables, and healthy fats. I achieved a weight loss of about 15 lbs in that time frame. I felt great.

Phase II was my decision to become stronger and build some muscle. I wanted to basically diet like I had been and work out like a feind and bulk up by about 5 lbs. This, I have found out, is completely impossible. Well not completely, rather impossibly difficult with out enhancements. I'm drug free and will stay that way.

You see, to lose weight you must be in a calorie deficit. i.e. your daily calorie intake must be less than your calorie output. You WILL lose weight. Gaining muscle, on the otherhand, requires a calorie excess. Your body needs a proper balance of fat, carbohydrates, protein, and nutrients. You can workout till the cows come home, but if you do not eat more calories than you burn then you will not gain muscle. There's the catch. So, in order for me to put on muscle mass (5 pounds) I need to also put on some fat.

I keep going back and forth between wanting to continue phase II and wanting to go back to phase I (dieting). I suppose I owe it to myself to continue what I started and take the experts' advice about gaining muscle mass, but it's just so hard to look at my weight go up each day and think about how damn hard it was to take that weight off...

Phase II

May 6th 2011

Gain muscle mass. Apparently, this is not going to be that easy. It would appear that I will have to monitor the food I eat and exercise I do MUCH more closely to gain muscle instead of just fat. New goal: Gain 5 lbs or fat free mass, aka muscle. Thanks to everyone who participated in the Niikawa Winter Weight off with me. It seriously helped me stay motivated.


May 4th 2011

Today I took on my 5K time of 30 minutes. For some reason, probably lack of sleep, alcohol, and eating bad food, I felt like crap during my run. It started off well but quickly went downhill. In the end I did achieve my goal of beating that time. I finished at 28 minutes and 30 seconds, but I had to pause my run about 3 damn times to catch my breath. I'm not proud of that, but I DID beat my time. ALSO, I hit my goal weight of 184 lbs twice now in the last 3 days so I think it can be said that I achieved my weight loss goal!!!! Finally. Running kicks ass. Now it's time to start putting on some muscle. I love this game.