Name: Jaime
Age/Gender: 35, Female
Location: Tehachapi, Ca
About Me: I am 27 and a single mom to two daughters ages 2.5 y/o and an 8 month old. It is very hard to make time to workout after i get home from work. i like to spend as much time as possible with my girls. They are my life.
Goals: to lose my baby weight before my daughter turns one in december. i just need to be completely fit and healthy so I can do the raising of my daughters. No offense but being a single mama definitely makes me want to raise my daughters. Dad is okay but mama is way better. I need a motivation and i think this group did it. my goal is to lose this jelly belly and some thighs and hopefully a few cup sizes too.
Favorite Activities: being a mom...a lazy mom that is. i love to laugh and have a good time...i apparently love to eat as well.
Weaknesses: sugars, pastas, and just plain food.
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