Name: Katherine Michael
Age/Gender: 33, Female
Location: Franklin, TN
About Me:
Goals: I love the Kingdom of God and I want the abundant life Jesus promised, which includes my health.
Favorite Activities: Worship, drinking wine, eating cheese, hanging out with my hubby, hiking, walking, coffee dates, movies, sitting in the sauna, traveling, cuddling with my puppy willow.
Weaknesses: Wine, Cheese, Chocolate, and Pasta combined with an increasing laziness/excuses. Hopefully, those days are no more!
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Week One

Jan 28th 2011

This week was pretty tough. I tried VERY hard to watch what I ate and to work out as much as possible, but I was at at convention for work this week and was working from 6:30 am - about 8:30 or 9 every night! Not to mention there were snacks and sodas everywhere tempting me. I only gave in a few times, but I guess it was a few times too many, cause I was expecting more of a loss this week with the amount of walking/standing and portion cut backs i've made. I guess it's just going to take that much more effort to see a real difference. 

Here we go week two. Hoping to work out at least 5 times, cut out ALL soda (even diet soda) drink more water, and go even further on portion control. This is not going to be easy, but i guess things that are worth it never do come easy.