Name: Manette kravanh
Age/Gender: 37, Female
Location: Portland
About Me: I enjoy being with my family and coming to work so that I can have a break from them =) hahah j/k I actually have a traditional Cambodian Style wedding of mine scheduled in 2011. I refuse to be the laughing stock of the community and look like a beach whale. Since asian women tend to be short and petitie. I am the complete opposite! If you can't tell by now I like to laugh alot and at myself
Goals: Lose weight so that I can look hot for when my husband comes home from deployment in April. Oh and I guess be healthy ;)
Favorite Activities: I like to knit, eat, cook, shop, crafts, and hang out with my kiddos
Weaknesses: I lOVE food and everything that comes along with it. Beer is also a major weakness :/
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