Name: Molly
Age/Gender: 41, Female
Location: Bartlesville, OK
About Me:
Goals: -Walk 30 min 4 x per week -Strength training 2 x per week -Lose 30 lbs
Favorite Activities: Walking Beginning Tennis Thrifting Beer drinking
Weaknesses: Chocolate Sugar Books Beer
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The slowly but surely method is working!

Feb 24th 2012

Down 13.8!  So excited, it makes me happy on this snowy Friday in the NE.  I need to capitalize on this small victory and use it for the many months ahead.

Here's to today--because who knows what will happen with next week's weigh-in!


sloooooooooowwwwwwwww, 2/16/12

Feb 16th 2012

OMG!  This weight loss is going so slow. It must be because I am in my mid-30's now.  I'm not sure I'll even lose 1 whole pound this week.  My weight loss is literally shedding percentages of pounds now. 

I keep telling myself to have the resolve to keep going--and I do--it's just getting frusturating. 

I know what I need to do--incorporate more movement (aka exercise) into my life.  The 2-3 times that I do it per week is not enough.  I've got to make some changes.  Here's my goals for the next week:

-Buy a pair of workout pants and sports bra for the gym at work (already got the shoes and shirt here).

-Buy some dry shampoo and cloth wipes so I CAN workout at work w/o having to shower.

-Get up early 1x/week to workout OR get up with Raj and while he is showering, I am working out.

Those should be good for now.

Good luck tomorrow!

it's getting to be that time

Feb 10th 2012

When I quit, give-up, or get pissed because it's not coming fast enough.

Alas--it doesn't matter--I'm going to just get through this.  I'm not giving my self the choice, the out, or the option.  I've got goals and I'm gonna remember them.


Have a good weekend.