Name: Esse
Age/Gender: 23, Female
Location: USA
About Me: I am planning on doing Shawn T's Focus T25 two-month program and eating super healthy (watching calories and eating natural foods) and(I dream) drinking only water. I would like to do this for May, June, July, and halfway through August I would like to be at my goal weight (130-135lbs)! I'm currently 180lbs so I have a little ways to go. I lose weight pretty easily as I'm 21 and I have a fast metabolism. My issue is I need motivation and accountability! I've been unhappy with my weight/body for yeeeears and I want to be at a weight that I feel good in! I want to be proud of my body and feel like I'm the best me. I can feel motivated for maybe about a week before the motivation starts dwindling. The good thing about me though is that I'm SUPER competitive. If I have a partner/partners keeping me accountable that I know I'll have to answer to and that is challenging me to lose weight because they are losing weight and I can't stand to be left behind, then I know that I will be able to complete this journey!! I want to do this all in a healthy way of course. =D
Goals: 4/22/15 - 180 lbs (current) 8/10/15 - 135 lbs (goal)
Favorite Activities: most anything!
Weaknesses: I am confessing that I have none!
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